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Our Services - DISC Environmental Service - Oil Recycling

Our Services – Oil Recycling – Dust Control – and More

For years, companies and (DIY) “do it yourselfers”have been disposing of used oil inappropriately.  Now, people finally understand how damaging used oil is when it is not disposed of or recycled properly.

At DISC Environmental Service, we’ve known all along the detrimental effects of improperly disposed and recycled used oils. Our knowledge and conscientiousness are the reasons why our customers trust us to recycle millions of gallons of used oil from the Northern Ohio and Southern Michigan areas each year.

DISC Environmental Service has been a major oil recycler for the last 33 years. We are properly licensed and insured, and we take all liability for your oil once we have it.  We will pick up your used oil and coolants on demand. Just give us a call and we will dispatch a driver in a timely manner.

Some important questions to consider when using an industrial waste removal company are:

  • Is the service conducted in a legal and ethical manner?
  • Is the company you have chosen properly licensed and insured?
  • Does your current company dispose of or recycle the waste they pick up?
  • Where does your liability end in the removal / recovery process?

Our Services:

Industrial-Waste Removal:

DISC Environmental Service offers both vacuum and gear-pump trucks for the removal of:

  • Waste water
  • Used oils
  • Coolants / Antifreeze
  • Sludge

Dust Control Services:

When deciding on a dust control product you should consider the following:

  • Is the product a natural material?
  • Is the product biodegradable and environmentally safe?
  • How long will the product last? Is it in compliance with the current EPA’s requirements?

We offer a range of products to fit any budget, from temporary to semi-permanent.  All products surpass EPA, state and federal standards for use as dust suppressants and road binders.