Road Dust Control Using Soybean Oil

Dust Control Spraying With Soy-Oil

Road Dust Control Using Soy-Oil®

Road Dust Control using Soy-Oil® is the preferred method  for dust control. Soy-Oil® is environmentally friendly, and has a lifespan of up to two years.

DISC Environmental Service is a re-seller of this all natural product, and it is currently available for use  in dust control in many industrial location.

A natural oil product, made from vegetable soybean oil, this product works like magic.  We have used this product in marinas, trucking areas, parking lots and haul road quarries, just to name a few.

We have found that this revolutionary product works better than anything else we have used in the past…even better than regular MC base products! The natural soybean dust suppressant oil is not a tar based dust suppressant, so you will find it to be much cleaner.

Call us today, and ask to speak with either Pat Kelley or Tim Miller for more details about this product, and its effectiveness on road dust.

If you have dust control problems, then here is the clean solution you have been looking for!

Soy-Oil®  works so well, that if you are not happy with it,  you won’t have to pay for it!


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