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DISC Environmental Service – Northwood, Ohio

DISC Environmental Service has been in the business of the collection of used oil and promoting the idea of proper handling of all industrial waste since November 1983.

DISC Environmental  Service specializes in recycling used oil, antifreeze, oil filters, oily water and oily absorbents in a manner that demonstrates best practices for a sustainable environment.  By choosing DISC, our customers not only receive vital protection capability through engineering controls, strict operating procedures and comprehensive insurance policies, but they have made a commitment to environmental leadership and feel confident that when it comes to sourcing a single service provider for non-hazardous waste management needs, DISC Environmental Service is “The Smart Solution”.

We have been contracted by many fortune 500 firms to do hazardous waste profiling, and the identification and disposal of their waste properly.  We have done work for General Motors, General Electric, Teledyne CAE, Chrysler, and Ford, to name just a few of our larger customers.

We have developed several products to use for dust control, such as calcium chloride based solutions, asphalt petro-sealant, and soy bean oil…our favorite!

DISC Environmental Has No State or Federal EPA Violations

When you are dealing with hazardous waste, oil, contamination or other materials that require professional removal, trust the experience and knowledge of DISC Environmental Service to ensure your business or structures are clean and safe.  We use the latest technology and best techniques to provide outstanding testing, decontamination, treatment and more.  Our company has been working with customers since 1983, and, as a family-owned-and-operated business, we are committed to providing the outstanding and satisfactory results you expect.  For your reassurance, DISC Environmental Service is proud to be licensed and insured.

Disc Environmental Service has been providing professional environmental service in Ohio for over 30 years. At DISC Environmental  Service, our customer service creates trusting relationships with our customers to ensure the highest level of service.  DISC Environmental Service provides a comprehensive package of environmental services and products under the umbrella of one reliable vendor saving our customers time and money.

DISC has always had an eye towards the future, and we continue that tradition today.  We take great pride in out honesty, integrity, and providing our services at a competitive rate, yet we remain humble enough to  realize that there is always room to improve, and adapt to the ever changing technology in this increasingly important sector of our country’s ecological future.  It is just for these reasons that we still cater to many of the same clients that started with us more than thirty years ago!

Industries Served:

  • Agriculture
  • Auto / Truck dealerships
  • Fleet
  • Government
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Paint & Body Shops
  • Quick Lubes
  • Tire Service Centers
  • Transportation – Air, Highway, Rail & Water